What is ListingKit?

Basically, we take your inventory, the products or services you sell, and push them out to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google as product ads, sending traffic back to your website on those product or service pages. The inventory you have is now working for you. These aren't just typical product re-marketing ads, they can also be launched as stand-alone branding ads.
You set your budget, set your targeting. The rest is all automated.

Custom Ad Designs

Ads are not one size fits all. We use your images, your colors, your words.

Your Ideas

Campaigns are ran based on your ideas or feedback. They are adjusted as needed.


Full access to YOUR campaign stats on Facebook, Google and others.

Grow Your Visibility

The end result being your inventory driving more traffic to you. All automated.

Let's chat! There's no obligation.

Flexible budgets

You set your own budget, we don't require a minimum amount on your part. Start small and grow - or go big or go home - it is completely up to you.

Full support

You are in control, but we are available any time. We can even show you how manage your own accounts.

No contracts or term limits

ListingKit is month-to-month.Cancel whenever you like, stay on for as long as you want. If you cancel, your account is closed with us, but we leave your online campaigns in place for you so you can keep them going on your own if you like.

Get in touch!